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A Matter Of Life & Death

A pilot with brain damage after bailing out is torn between this world and the next, but an operation put things to rights

Stars David Niven

Ask A Policeman

In a small coastal village, incompetent policemen accidentally expose smugglers who are scaring the locals with a headless horseman legend

Staring Will Hey, Moore Marriot & Graham Moffatt

At War With The Army

A couple of song and dance men have trouble as army recruits

Stars Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin

Band Waggon

Comedians running a pirate TV station in a ghostly castle round up a gang of spies

Staring Arthur Askey and Richard Murdoch

Beneath The 12 Mile Reef

Jealousy, Tragedy and Romance among the Florida sponge fishers

Staring Robert Wagner and Terry Moore

Boys Will Be Boys

An incompetent headmaster thwarts a jewel robber

Staring Will Hay and Gordon Harker

Broken Arrow

Acout brings about peace between whiteman and Apache.

Staring James Stewart and Jeff Chandler

Cardboard Cavalier

In Crowellian England roylists commission  barrow boy to carry a secret letter, helped by Nell Gwynn, he succeds after encounters with a castle ghost and custard pies

Staring Sid Field and Margeret Lockwood

Convict 99

A seedy schoolmaster accidentally becomes a prison governor and lets the convicts run the place,

Staring Will Hey, Graham Moffatt and Moore Marriott

Dracula (1931)

A Transylvanian vampire count gets his comeuppance in Yorkshire

Staring Bela Lugosi

Dry Rot

Three book makers plot to make a fortune by substituting a doped horse for the favourite

Staring Ronald Shiner, Brian Rix and Sid James

Fathers Little Dividend

Sequal to Father Of The Bride (1950) in which the newlyweds have a baby

Staring Spencer Tracey and Elizabeth Taylor


Airmen stranded in Germany by a barrage balloon return in a captured secret weapon

Staring The Crazy Gang

Gullivers Travels

Animated cartoon version which invents a Romeo Juliet romance between Lilliput and Blufescu and has the usual trouble with romantic humans

Happy Go Lovely

A chorus girl; meets a millionaire during the Edinburgh Festival

Staring David Niven & Vera Ellen

Hoppity Goes To Town

An urban community of insects is in danger from developers

In Which We Serve

Survivors from a torpedoed destroyer recall their life at sea and on leave

Starring Noel Coward, John Mills and Richard Attenborough

Academy Award Nomination: Best Picture

Jack And The Beanstalk

A babysitter dreams the story he is reading aloud

Staring Bud Abbott and Lou Costello

Jamaica Inn

In old Cornwall an orphan girl becomes involved with smugglers

Staring Charles Laughton and Maureen O Hara

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Make Me An Offer

An antiques dealer as an ambition to own a famous vase

Staring Peter Finch and Adrienne Corri